Radicalism, extremism & responses

Vakbeschrijving Radicalism, extremism & responses
Collegejaar: 2010-2011
Studiegidsnummer: 6454554
  • Dr. Jaap van Donselaar, Expert Guest Lecturers
Voertaal: Engels
Blackboard: Onbekend
EC: 5
Niveau: 500
Periode: Semester 1, Blok II
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Radicalism, extremism & responses
This course will explore several forms of radicalism and extremism as well as reactions to these phenomena. It will focus not only on the contemporary and most important forms in The Netherlands (in casu right wing, islamic, animal rights), but also on patterns of (state) responses, like legal reactions, decision-making of public administration and deradicalisation. Focusing on The Netherlands includes attention for the international context: radicalism and extremism have international dimensions and this is also true for patterns of (state) responses.

Students are expected to participate actively in the class meetings. By the end of the course students will do a (small) individual research, a presentation on their research design, ending in a final paper.

Methods of instruction
Seminar meetings. Class participation is compulsory.

Study material

Individual presentation and final paper (approx. 5,000 words)

Time table