Research seminar in literature

Vakbeschrijving Research seminar in literature
Collegejaar: 2011-2012
Studiegidsnummer: 5654I5014
  • Prof.dr. L. Rodríguez Carranza
Voertaal: Spaans
Blackboard: Ja
EC: 10
Niveau: 500
Periode: Semester 1, Blok I, II
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The objective of this seminar is to familiarise the student with the most important methodology of discourse analysis of both fictional and non-fictional prose. After a general introduction on rhetorics, specific texts are discussed through practical exercises resulting in a better understanding of the hybrid Latin-American genres.

Course objectives

Thorough knowledge, insight and practice of the discourse analysis of Latin-American texts. Ability to fomulate and carry out a research proposal under expert supervision.



Method of instruction

Lectures and tutorials.

Assessment method

Participation in the tutorials, oral presentation and paper.


Information on the timetable and of any changes in the programme will be posted on Blackboard

Reading list

  • Reader, L. Rodríguez, Metodología para el análisis de textos en prosa. TCLA.
  • Guiomar Elena Ciapuscio, Tipos Textuales. Buenos Aires, Instituto de Lingüïstica, Cátedra de Semiología, 1994.
  • Sholmith Rimmon-Kenan, Narrative Fiction: Contemporary Poetics. Methuen, NY, latest edition.
  • H. Van Gorp e.a., Lexicon van literaire termen. Groningen/Deurne: Martinus Nijhoff/Wolters Plantyn, 1988 (7e revised edition).


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Contact information

Prof.dr. L. Rodríguez phone: +31 (0)71 5272065.


The course consists of theoretical lectures and practical text analyses. In an oral presentation, students present and defend their project; subsequently, they hand in a written version.