International Relations and Diplomacy Master Thesis Lab

Vakbeschrijving International Relations and Diplomacy Master Thesis Lab
Collegejaar: 2011-2012
Studiegidsnummer: 6449itl11
  • Dr. Francesco Ragazzi
Voertaal: Engels
Blackboard: Onbekend
EC: 5
Niveau: 600
Periode: Semester 1, Blok II
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The main aim of the thesis lab is to provide students with an opportunity to present their thesis proposals and receive feedback by their peers and the course instructor. Specific topics to be addressed include: topic relevance, theoretical framework chosen, methodology and data collection issues, ways of analysis and evaluation of results. A satisfactory thesis research proposal is expected from all students as the final result of the course.

Methods of Instruction

Presentation of (draft) thesis proposals by students, small group discussions and individual meetings.

Study material

Student thesis proposals (made available on the course webpage).


(Draft) thesis proposal; presentation of the thesis proposal in class; class participation.


Pieter de la Courtbuilding, Leiden:
Monday 31 October till 19 December, 15.00-17.00 hrs. in 1A24 (except 31 Oct 5B02)