Introduction to Algebraic topology

Vakbeschrijving Introduction to Algebraic topology
Collegejaar: 2011-2012
Studiegidsnummer: IAT
Docent(en): Dr. R. de Jong
Voertaal: Engels
Blackboard: Onbekend
EC: 6
Niveau: 400
Periode: Semester 1
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In this course we will treat 2 important methods/techniques in topology and geometry: (1) singular homology, (2) sheaves and cohomology. Both are aimed at understanding the global properties of a topological space by analyzing how the space is built up out of simple pieces. We shall try to emphasise both formal/abstract properties and concrete examples. Part (1) will end with a discussion of the Brouwer fixpoint theorem in arbitrary dimension, and the hairy ball theorem.

Aantal college-uren
Huiswerk en mondeling tentamen
Algebra 1—3, Lineaire algebra 1—2, Topologie