Functional analysis seminar

Vakbeschrijving Functional analysis seminar
Collegejaar: 2017-2018
Studiegidsnummer: 4373FASEM
  • dr. Marcel de Jeu
  • dr. Onno van Gaans
Voertaal: Engels
Blackboard: Nee
EC: 6
Niveau: 500
Periode: Semester 2
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The functional analysis seminar is intended for students, PhD-students, and staff, on a topic to be determined during the fall semester. The meetings are on Fridays from 14.00-17.00, but the dates in the official schedule are only indicative. The precise dates will be determined in accordance with the participants’ possibilities.

Please note the prerequisites.


National master course on Functional Analysis or comparable. A first introductory course, such as Linear Analysis, is in general not sufficient.


Active participation, including at least one lecture.


No grade, just ‘pass’ if applicable.

If you are interested, contact Marcel de Jeu or Onno van Gaans during the fall semester.
Please note the prerequisites.