Optional Courses (MA History)

Vakbeschrijving Optional Courses (MA History)
Collegejaar: 2018-2019
Studiegidsnummer: 5774....
Voertaal: Engels
Blackboard: Nee
EC: 10
Niveau: 400
Periode: Semester 1 / 2, Blok I, II, III, IV
  • Geen Keuzevak
  • Geen Contractonderwijs
  • Geen Exchange
  • Geen Study Abroad
  • Geen Avondonderwijs
  • Geen A-la-Carte en Aanschuifonderwijs
  • Geen Honours Class

Contact the Coordinator of Studies to discuss the possibilities.

Optional Courses (History department)

Take a look at the list of the Optional Courses offered by the History Department

Optional Courses (other departments/universities)

All MA courses offered at level 400 or higher can be followed as an Optional Course. Submit a request to the Board of Examiners of History beforehand, stating the course, department and university.

Study Abroad

Leiden University offers the option to follow optional courses and/or write your thesis abroad, more information is available on the Internationalisation website.


See the following website for the procedure. Furthermore, see the internship database (mostly in Dutch) for an overview of recurring possibilities.

Keep in mind
1. Students have to be well in time, as the process of approval takes considerable time;
2. Internships should be a full-time position for at least three months;
3. Your internship needs to be supervised by a member of staff from the History Department.