Integratie: Technology trends

Vakbeschrijving Integratie: Technology trends
Collegejaar: 2018-2019
Studiegidsnummer: 4032IBITT
  • Dr. K.J. Wolstencroft
  • F.J. Verbeek
  • Prof Vera van Noort
  • Dr Magnus Palmblad
Voertaal: Engels
Blackboard: Ja
EC: 3
Niveau: 200
Periode: Semester 2
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Integratie: Sequence Analysis


In the post-genomic era, the analysis of large omics datasets has become central to bioinformatics and biological research. The development of many high throughput techniques for genome sequencing and measuring the expression or abundance of genes, proteins and metabolites, has given rise to a plethora of new informatics algorithms and techniques for analysing and interpreting the experimental data. This course will introduce omics analysis techniques at the genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic and metabolomic levels, for molecular and bioimaging data, and will introduce students to commonly used computational methods and frameworks for large-scale analysis.


• Gain a theoretical and practical understanding of the informatics analysis methods required for interpreting data generated by new technologies in omics
• Gain practical experience of commonly used computational languages in bioinformatics


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• Lectures
• Labs
• Practical assignments


• Practical assignments (40%)
• Lab: Grade (10%)
• Theoretical Exam: Grade (50%)


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