Integration: Biological Data Sharing and Integration

Vakbeschrijving Integration: Biological Data Sharing and Integration
Collegejaar: 2018-2019
Studiegidsnummer: 4032IBIB3
  • Dr. K. J. Wolstencroft
Voertaal: Engels
Blackboard: Ja
EC: 3
Niveau: 300
Periode: Semester 1
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Integratie: Sequence analysis, Integratie: Technology Trends


This course explores the use, reuse and reproducibility of data in biomedical science. As the amount and variety of biological data grows, we face new challenges in recording, publishing and sharing scientific results in a way that will allow further integration and exploitation. Consequently, data integration and reuse are central concerns in bioinformatics.

The course will cover 1) the principles and application of FAIR data (i.e. that data should be Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable), 2) the importance of provenance in data collection, analysis and aggregation, and 3) computational methods to improve reuse and reusability in science (including data standards, semantic annotation and scientific workflows).


• Understand the principles of FAIR data and their growing importance across science
• Obtain knowledge on the computational challenges and solutions for biological data sharing and integration.
• Obtain (practical) knowledge on important tools for biological data processing, annotation and sharing


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• Lectures
• Practical classes
• Presentations


• Practical Assignments (70%)
• Practical classes (10%)
• Presentation (20%)


• Scientific papers from conferences, workshops and journals.




Onderwijscoordinator Riet Derogee ms. Riet Derogee