Thesis LLM Adv PIL and Thesis Workshops

Vakbeschrijving Thesis LLM Adv PIL and Thesis Workshops
Collegejaar: 2018-2019
Studiegidsnummer: Thesis
  • Dr. Sergey Vasiliev
  • Thesis Supervisors
Voertaal: Engels
Blackboard: Onbekend
EC: 10
Niveau: 600
Periode: Semester 2
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Following the successful completion of the coursework, students are required to submit a graduation thesis on a topic of their choice. It must address and analyse a substantive issue of public international law (or of international criminal law and related disciplines, for the ICL Specialisation students). The thesis topic must be selected in consultation with a member of the teaching staff, who will also supervise the process.

Thesis workshops are provided to the students to accompany and guide them through the process of completing their theses. During sessions combining general information and tailored feedback components, students will be assisted in designing and producing a high-standard academic research work and provided with tutorship in relation to the writing of a master’s thesis in public international law. These extracurricular workshops are complementary to any regular thesis-related activities, including individual meetings between students and their supervisors.

The expected size of a thesis is in the vicinity of 20,000 words, including footnotes.

Submission deadline will be in early July 2019, the exact date is still to be announced.