Chinese Studies Master Class: Languages and Cultures of China

Course description Chinese Studies Master Class: Languages and Cultures of China
Year: 2010-2011
Catalog number: 5684KCSMY
  • Frank Pieke
Language: English
Blackboard: Unknown
EC: 10.0
Level: 500
Period: Semester 1, Block I, II
  • No Elective choice
  • No Contractonderwijs
  • No Exchange
  • No Study Abroad
  • No Evening course
  • No A la Carte
  • No Honours Class




This course discusses some of the key issues and questions driving the study of China, putting these in a general disciplinary or comparative context. The course is not simply an introduction to China, but revolves around key concepts, theories and ideas that the students are expected to make their own. The emphasis will be on the current state of the field and on modern China, but many of the issues that we will be discussing have their roots in traditional China and ample attention will be given to the continuities of China as a society and culture.


  • Conceptual and independent thinking
  • Independent research and and writing
  • Oral presentation


First semester


  • One two-hour lecture a week (week 1-9)
  • One one-hour essay presentation seminar class a week (week 2-9; four parallel groups)
  • One two-hour paper presentation seminar class a week (week 11-12; two parallel groups)


  • Four short essays (maximum 2,000 words) (10 % each, or 40% total)
  • One longer paper (maximum 5,000 words) (40%)
  • Oral presentations (10% for the essays and 10% for the paper, or 20% in total)


Readings and other course materials will be made available on Blackboard


For each lecture 2-4 English-language articles (about 100 pages) will have to be read. For each essay paper topic an additional 500 pages will have to be read. All set readings for the lectures and papers will be made available on Blackboard.


Enrollment through uSis is mandatory.


Frank Pieke