Lectures on Yijing and its Commentaries

Course description Lectures on Yijing and its Commentaries
Year: 2010-2011
Catalog number: 5683IIIASY
  • Prof. Dennis Cheng (NTU/IIAS professor, European Chair of Chinese Studies)
Language: English
Blackboard: Unknown
EC: 5.0
Level: 400
Period: Semester 2, Block III, IV
  • No Elective choice
  • No Contractonderwijs
  • No Exchange
  • No Study Abroad
  • No Evening course
  • No A la Carte
  • No Honours Class


Yijing is one of the greatest global classics of mankind. This course is especially for undergraduate students, to help them to acquire elementary knowledge of the textual meaning of the sixty-four hexagrams, the main content of Yijing, as well as the ten commentaries (namely the Ten Wings) and their philosophies. The teacher will also give a brief introduction on the historical background of the text and the major connotation of the metaphors and diagrams.


Zhu Xi’s (朱熹, 1130-1200) Zhouyi benyi (周易本義, The Original Meaning of Yijing, SBBY) and Richard Wilhelm’s translation I Ching (rendered into English by Cary F. Baynes, New York: Stratford Press, 2nd edition, reprinted 1964) will be used as regular text books.


Successful completion of the premodern Chinese courses I and II of BA1 and BA2.


oral presentations and a final paper of circa 10 pages (or 2000-3000 words).