Course description Entrepeneurship
Year: 2015-2016
Catalog number: 4403ENTRE
Language: English
Blackboard: Yes
EC: 3
Level: 400
Period: Semester 1
  • Yes Elective choice
  • Yes Contractonderwijs
  • Yes Exchange
  • Yes Study Abroad
  • No Evening course
  • Yes A la Carte
  • No Honours Class


An introductory course on doing business from a physicists/astronomers perspective. This interactive course covers the different aspects to consider when you want to bring a new product or service to the market, either by starting a new company or from within an existing organization. The course addresses diverse aspects such as basic business concepts, company financials, marketing, business plans, investment proposals, value propositions, financial forecasting, intellectual property, public-private partnerships, financing, subsidies, product development and sales. A good start for physicists and astronomers that want to be involved in developing new business with your physics skills, either from within public research institutes as valorisation, from an existing organisation as business development or from your own startup company.

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Prerequisites Bachelor in Physics or Astronomy

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