Science Communication and Society Project Proposal

Course description Science Communication and Society Project Proposal
Year: 2018-2019
Catalog number: 4603SCSPPY
  • SCS
Language: English
Blackboard: Yes
EC: 3
Level: 600
  • Yes Elective choice
  • No Contractonderwijs
  • Yes Exchange
  • Yes Study Abroad
  • No Evening course
  • No A la Carte
  • No Honours Class


The SCS Project Proposal is a required assignment for students who are following the SCS specialisation. Before they are allowed to start their science communication research (minimum of 10 EC) as part of their internship, they need to have their research proposal approved. See SCS Internship for more information about the internship.

The project proposal is structured according to the classic structure of a research proposal

  • Introduction (including motivation and a literature overview that will position your subject in the research field and provides a theoretical framework);
  • Research question and hypothesis
  • Method
  • Planning
  • References
    For your research proposal you will receive 3 EC, graded with either a v (passing grade) or an o (non-passing grade). You can only continue your research when you have received a passing grade for your proposal.

Admission requirements

Students who want to do an SCS internship are required to follow the Science Communication and Society Fundamentals course first.

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