International Studies, 2016-2017

International Studies is a three year bachelor programme that has started in September 2012 in The Hague. Its study programme is designed around three elements: core courses that introduce disciplinary concepts and that analyze the international setting, area courses that analyze the situation in a selected region from a disciplinary, and increasingly interdisciplinary, perspective and language courses that prepare students for access to the cultural context in the relevant language.

The core concepts, ideas and methods are taken from four broad disciplinary approaches:

  • History (mostly modern history)
  • Cultural Studies (modern cultural phenomena in their societal settings)
  • Economics (and the concepts from International Political Economy)
  • Political Science (and Sociology and Anthropology)

The areas offered in the degree, and their corresponding languages are:

Area Foreign Language
East Asia Mandarin, Japanese, Korean
Latin America Spanish, Portuguese
Middle East Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Modern Hebrew
North America French, Spanish
Russia and Eurasia Russian
South Asia and Southeast Asia Hindi, Indonesian
Africa Swahili, French, Portuguese
Europe French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, German

First Year

Second Year

Third Year