Honours Classes, 2016-2017

Honours Classes are part of the extracurricular honours programme that Leiden University offers its bachelor students. An Honours Class is a course of high quality that tackles complex scientific and social issues in an interdisciplinary manner.

Honours students who partake in the Honours College are obligated to follow at least one Honours Class as an elective. This academic year we offer a choice of over 40 different courses, varying from migration to biomedical technology.

Non-honours students are also invited to register for the Honours Classes, if they are interested in following a high-level extracurricular course of 5 EC.

The registration period for the Honours Classes is Wednesday the 17th of August until Monday the 5th of September for semester 1; the registration period for the second semester is Monday the 7th of November until Sunday the 20th of November.

More information about the Honours Classes, including a colourful overview of the various options from which you can choose, can be found on our website.

Semester 2