Biomedical Sciences: Health, 2018-2019

The master’s programme in Biomedical Sciences – Health consists of compulsory components (e.g. courses and research projects) and electives. The total amount of credits of this two-year programme is 120 EC. Please check the list below for detailed descriptions of the components involved in the Health specialisation.

Additional information on the programme and its regulations, can be found on the website of the programme Biomedical Sciences and the learning management system (Blackboard). Information on course schedules is separately provided.

The master’s programme has the following objectives:
• to impart to students academic knowledge, insight, skills, and methodology in the field of biomedical sciences;
• to encourage students to adopt an academic attitude by acquiring the ability to:
- engage in individual and independent academic thinking
- analyse complex issues
- write academic reports
- apply specialist knowledge and skills in a philosophical and social context;
• to prepare students for an academic career and postgraduate education, or to prepare them for a career in teaching or another career outside academia

Health Specialisation

Fluency in Dutch required!
Dit programma staat alleen open voor:
• Leidse studenten Geneeskunde die een bachelor Geneeskunde en een premaster programma (BW-track) met succes hebben afgerond.
• Studenten die toegelaten zijn tot de master Biomedical Sciences en daarnaast ook de master Geneeskunde in Leiden volgen.

Coordinator M-, C-, E- and H- specialisations
Ms. J. van der Zee