Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences: BioTherapeutics, 2018-2019

BioTherapeutics is a specialisation of the Master’s programme Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences of Leiden University. It offers research-orientated education on the areas of specific drug delivery techniques, and the development of new therapeutic approaches to treat immune-based disorders, such as atherosclerosis, metabolic disorders and inflammatory skin diseases. Research Project 1 will be conducted at the division BioTherapeutics of the LACDR on one of the research themes described below.

One mission of the division is to provide new strategies for the delivery of biologically active compounds at the right dose, at the right time and at the right place. Research activities are organized in two major, interrelated research lines: “Skin Research” and ”Biologics Research”. New research goes beyond conventional immunization, such as designing non-invasive delivery routes and microneedles.

The division also focusses on the development of experimental therapeutic approaches to treat cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis. To study the complex interaction of drugs in different organic systems, research is performed at the gene, immune cell and lipid level in various in vitro and in vivo models; one of the strengths of the Division of BioTherapeutics. Interventions developed so far range from bone marrow transplantation to experimental therapies using antibody-based interventions, therapeutic vaccines, and gene therapeutic approaches.

First and Second Year

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General outline of the MSc programme of the research track BioTherapeutics:

Level EC
Introduction Course Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences: BioTherapeutics 500 4
Research project 1, at the division of BioTherapeutics
- practical work 600 44
- thesis 600 5
- oral presentation 600 2
Research project 2, (preferably in another discipline of BPS, not restricted to the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences)
- practical work 600 31
- thesis 600 5
Literature study plus thesis 500 7
Lecture series 1 (in BPS) 500 4
Course Advanced Academic Skills and Career Orientation 500 3
Optional courses or traineeships 400–600 (max 12 EC < 400) 15

Attending more than one lecture series of BPS is optional and may be part of the programme component ‘Optional courses’.