Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences: Drug Delivery Technology and Biopharmaceutics, 2011-2012

Drug Delivery Technology and Biopharmaceutics is a specialisation of the Master’s programme Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences (BPS).

The programme contains two research periods (52 and and 36 EC), and compulsory and optional programme components, see: outline of the specialisation programme.

  • Attending two lecture series of BPS is mandatory in the MSc programme of Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences (BPS). Mandatory lecture series must be chosen from the ones listed below.
  • Attending more than two lecture series of BPS is optional. Optional lecture series are part of the programme component ‘Optional courses or traineeships’.

First and Second Year

Meer info

The MSc programme Drug Delivery Technology and Biopharmaceutics (drug delivery and formulation research; drug target finding and gene modulation in cardiovascular disease) trains for junior drug researchers, and prepares students for a career in drug delivery technology and/or drug target finding and therapeutic gene modulation.