Mathematics, 2012-2013

The courses of the national mastermath programme are not included in the list below. Please refer to the webpage of the mastermath programme for more information.


Courses indicated with (BM) are suited for advanced bachelor students or beginning master students.
Courses indicated with (M) are more advanced master courses which require
more pre-knowledge.

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The Mathematics Master programme offers courses in the following specialisations :

  • Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Statistical Science for Life and Behavioural Sciences
  • Mathematics and Communication
  • Mathematics and Education
  • Mathematics and Science-Based Business

In broad lines, each specialisation offers courses at an advanced level, leading eventually to an individual research project and a major thesis. Some of the courses can be taken at a national level, via the Dutch national mastermath programme. The length of each specialisation is two years. Students from any university in the Netherlands with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics or with a Bachelor of Science Degree with major in Mathematics are admitted to the programme. For all other students, an Admission Committee will consider the possibility of enrolling.