Science Based Business, 2012-2013

Science & Research Based Business: Management, Business & Entrepreneurship for Science students

Programma SBB 2012-2013

The Specialization Science Based Business (SBB) can be followed by students doing a 2 year research MSc in one of the Natural Sciences, including mathematics and biomedical sciences. Completing the specialization requires 40-60 EC of business courses, including at least, either: – SBB Fundamentals + SBB Management + SBB Internship; or – RBB foundation courses (*) + RBB Technology Transfer or Business Development + RBB Assignment
Students planning to do the SBB courses are requested to fill in the registration form for SBB Fundamentals
Students planning to do the RBB courses, please fill in the registration form for the RBB Foundation courses

To do the Specialization SBB one has to enroll into one of the corresponding master programmes, e.g. Biology & SBB, Chemistry & SBB, etc. For more information, please consult the Master Guide

For more detailed information about the required contents of the master programmes ‘Science’ & SBB, please consult the appendix of the Teaching and Examinations Regulations

More background information you can find on our website

(*): RBB Opportunities, RBB Ventures and RBB Planning. RBB Opportunities is not manadatory if one has done SBB Fundamentals