Natuurkunde, 2013-2014

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Study Abroad Programme for International Students

The Study Abroad program for international students can be taken in either the Fall semester (1 sept – 1 febr), or the Spring semester (1 febr – 1 july), or in both.

In the Fall semester a choice can be made of the following courses of at least 30 EC:

Atomic and Molecular Physics
Semi-conductors and Electronbands
Elementary Particle Physics
Physics of Lifeprocesses 2
Magnetic Resonance Phenomena
Radiative Processes
Statistics for Astronomy and Physics
Statistical Physics 2
Signal processing and Noise

In the Spring semester a research project of at least 30 EC can be conducted within one of the research groups.

Good knowledge of the physics core curriculum: Optics, Classical Mechanics, Electromagnetism, basic Quantummechanics, basic Statistical Physics, basic Solid State Physics, Thermodynamics; plus the necessary mathematical tools (Calculus and Linear Algebra)

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