Life Science and Technology, 2010-2011

The Master’s programme of Life Science and Technology consists of the following specialisations:

  • Life Science Research and Development
  • Life Science Based Business Development
  • Life Science and Communication
  • Life Science and Education

Preliminary information about course and organisation:
Course profile
Organisation profile

Elective courses

BSc Electives

Within the free choice of the specialisations, students may choose electives of level 400 from the bachelor programmes of MST and LST, if these have not been part of their former bachelor programme. Any choice of such electives must have the consent of the mentor. The choice of electives below level 400 is limited to 12 ec and must also be made in agreement with the mentor.

Other Electives

Electives from other disciplines

The Msc students can also choose courses from other Msc programmes in Leiden, Delft and elsewhere. A selection of relevant Msc-courses in Leiden and Delft listed below. We also recommend students to explore possibilities offered by the Msc programme LS&T, Delft.