Science Based Business, 2013-2014

Science & Research Based Business: Management, Business & Entrepreneurship for Science students

Programma SBB 2013-2014

The Specialization Science Based Business (SBB) can be followed by students doing a 2 year research MSc in one of the Natural Sciences, including mathematics and biomedical sciences. Completing the specialization requires 40-60 EC of business courses, including at least, either: – SBB Fundamentals + SBB Management + SBB Internship; or – RBB foundation courses + RBB Technology Transfer or Business Development + RBB Assignment
Students planning to do the SBB courses are requested to fill in the Application form SBB specialisation and courses 2013-2014 or to fill in the Application form SBB specialisation and courses 2014-2015*

To do the Specialization SBB one has to enroll into one of the corresponding master programmes, e.g. Biology & SBB, Chemistry & SBB, etc. For more information, please consult the Master Guide

For more detailed information about the required contents of the master programmes ‘Science’ & SBB, please consult the appendix of the Teaching and Examinations Regulations

More background information you can find on our website

In study year 2014-2015 the SBB programme is likely to change. This might affect the courses: RBB Opportunities, Planning 2014, RBB Ventures, Tech Transfer and Business Development 2015 and SBB Management 2015. For MSc students they may be integrated into full-time classes (as opposed to previous part-time evening sessions). Please indicate which topic(s)/course(s) holds your interest on the application form so we can inform you about the developments.