World Politics, 2013-2014

Living in an interdependent world, we are increasingly interconnected by means of mobility and communication. Technology is changing the rules of world politics and provokes the need for globally conscious responses to issues such as sovereignty and intervention, imperialism and colonialism, poverty and development, trade and inequality, national security and human security, nationalism and identity, culture and terrorism, health and environmental deterioration, migration and immigration. This major equips students to understand these global challenges from the multifarious standpoints of nation states and their citizens, as well as of non-governmental and international organisations, and provides an in-depth view of domestic, comparative, and international politics, addressing and how these multiple political realms (which are conventionally studied in relative isolation from each other) have become intertwined in the present era of global interdependence.

Students can expect to be trained to find a distinctive understanding of the world in which we live as well as the problems confronted by it. Students can pursue cutting-edge developments in the theories and methodologies of international politics and international relations, thus exploring critical security and regionality in globality in a comprehensive way. Concrete case studies lend themselves to a comparative approach to international politics, with analyses on the level of voter behaviour, constitution-building, institutional structures, party politics, and so forth. This major enables students to focus as tightly or as broadly as their interests dictate: at the most intimate level, students might explore questions of political psychology; at the other extreme, they might be fascinated by grand theories of the international system as a whole or in the formal modeling of game theory.

Methodology courses:
Quantitative Research Methods,
Thinking About Politics: Political Theory


These are the 100-level courses tagged as part of the World Politics major.