World Politics (LUC), 2017-2018

How is foreign policy made? Will the continued rise of China be peaceful? How is globalization changing world politics? Is cyber-war replacing ‘real’ war? What explains the rise of terrorism and violent extremism? How can peace be realised in Syria? How to account for recent Russian actions in Crimea and Ukraine? Did the nuclear deal with Iran make the world a safer place? How has the international response to civil wars has changed? If you are interested in questions of this kind, World Politics is the major for you.

In the World Politics major we examine interactions between states and between sates and non-state actors, including multinational corporations, nongovernmental organisations, civil societies, diasporas and armed groups. We start from the assumption that political inter-group conflict is a key driver of these interactions, which can escalate into arm conflicts, or could be managed, resolved and transformed.

Major tracks:
* International Relations & Diplomacy (core track)
* Globalisation and Transnational Politics (core track)
* Peace & Conflict Studies (core track)
* International History (core track)
* Gender Studies (co-convened track with HD)

Major requirements:
* 15 EC: three out of four 100-level Major core track courses, namely Introduction to International Relations & Diplomacy, Introduction to Globalisation and Transnational Politics, Introduction to Peace & Conflict Studies, Birth of the Modern World.
* 10 EC: two methodology courses, to include Political Research Methods
* 10 EC: Capstone
* 45 EC: additional courses in the WP Major, including at least four 300-level courses
* NOTE: make sure to have at least four courses at the 300-level

Major overview: