Humanities Lab, 2018-2019

Humanities Lab is the Honours College programme of the Faculty of Humanities. The Humanities Lab is for students from all faculties of Leiden University who want to do more in addition to their regular study programme. The Humanities Lab offers three extracurricular tracks:

  • Expedition (30 EC)
  • Solo (30 EC)
  • Double Bachelor plus

For more information about the Humanities Lab, please visit the website.


The Expedition track consists of four components, totalling 30 EC, distributed over 2.5 or 2 academic years.
For the programme overview per semester, please visit the website.


Students who are eligible for the Honours programme and who want to put together their own individualized programme can do so using SOLO.

Double Bachelor plus

The Double Bachelor plus track is for students who are taking two complete bachelor programmes. If one of these two programmes is taught within the Humanities faculty of Leiden University, it is possible for the student to receive an honours certificate by completing an extra honours class (5 EC).
For more information about the Double+ track, please visit the following website